- About Me -  
My name is Tom Darling and I'm a photographer located within the Illawarra. My passion for photography started with a GoPro and a body board, taking pictures of my adventures and whatever I found interesting along my adventure of life. Slowly this has grown into something much much bigger and better. When I first started, I was very much interested in landscape photography and capturing nature in all of it's beauty. 
As I have grown and developed as a photographer my passion has slowly shifted to that of portrait and event photography, in particular catching all of those special moments of a wedding day. I would describe my style of photography as 'film like'. I aim to create images that are natural yet captivating, and the colour tones of film are what I have grown to love.

If you like my style of photography and images I would love to be able to share the special moments of your life with you, your family and loved ones. Get in​​​​​​​​ contact  for pricing or to arrange a booking.